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Ernesto Ballesteros – 5 Dibujos

Bendana Pinel, Paris

How many lines did Albrecht Dürer do to draw his famous share?

Ernesto Ballesteros works with the purpose of answering several queries: Can we reduce the earth circumference to an art space? How many stars are there in a specific piece of sky area? What do we see around a closed light source ? How many brush strokes are there in certain paintings ? Or pencil strokes in certain drawings?

Since 2006, Ballesteros elaborates marathon drawings. His works production time depends on how many people work on it. However, at least two months are necessary.The act of drawing becomes more important than the performance itself. The main issue is to define how the traces will be completed and, what the result of thousands of lines will be. Made with several assistants help, these drawings become works thanks to the energy employed byeach artist.

One of the main characteristics is pen pressure on the surface. It’s decisive. In some drawings it appears that the color has been sprinkled on the paper and in other cases that the pencil almost tore the paper. In some, the color is uniform, and in others, instead, the choreography of their achievement is perceived.

Do countless number of lines, required for saturation, disappear in color uniformity ?

To find an aproximate answer, Ernesto Ballesteros calculates the average speed at which strokes are made. That is, 1.6 kilometers per hour. Working time is also measured. Then, when the work is finished, by multiplying the time spent by the speed of production, Ballesteros obtains the length in kms of the line made in the drawing. The artist shares this information with the spectator because that is the figure he chooses as title for his drawing.

abstract color and what it can mean, Ernesto Ballesteros makes a connection with abstract drawings and purely traditional misty landscapes. But, they all share the count of lines.

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4 rue du Perche | 75003 Paris
tuesday to saturday 11am- 7pm

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