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Pinta Art Fair

Founded in 2007 in New York
Chairman: Alejandro Zaia, Institutional Director: Mauro Herlitzka, Director: Diego Costa Peuser

PINTA, Showcasing the best Modern and Contemporary Art from Latin America, Spain and Portugal.
PINTA LONDON is the only art event dedicated to Latin American Art providing a unique platform in Europe to exhibit and promote Latin American artists. PINTA also includes artists from Spain and Portugal reflecting these countries’ undeniable influence in the formation of the Latin American identity.

The PINTA MUSEUM ACQUISITION PROGRAMME invites curators and museum directors to purchase works at the fair with grants given by PINTA, which these institutions match. Over the years both at PINTA New York and PINTA London, museums have acquired works enriching their Latin American Art collections. Museums and institutions that have participated in this programme include the Tate Modern (London); Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris); Centro de Arte Reina Sofia (Madrid); ESCALA (Essex Collection of Latin American Art) and MIMA (Middlesborough), amongst others.

PINTA works closely with Patrons of various renowned institutions organising bespoke tours of the fair, thus expanding the knowledge of Latin America Art. These institutions include the Tate gallery, Contemporary Art Society, Outset, Parasol Unit, Saatchi Gallery amongst others.

The PINTA Projects section is a curated area where selected galleries showcase some of the most interesting works from contemporary Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese artists working today.

Other highlights in the fair include the Solo Shows where PINTA invites an established artist to exhibit his works in depth or focus on a certain period of their career. A programme of talks and discussions by the guest artist and curators accompany this section thus offering a better understanding to their practice.

In its fourth year in London, PINTA is an anticipated event where patrons, private collectors, galleries and museums meet to build their knowledge and widen their networks in the Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American art world.

Next Edition

London 04.06 – 07.06 / 2013

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