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What is artesur?
ARTESUR is a non-profit association created by a group of professionals interested in cultural exchange between Europe and Latin America.
The website, launched at the Centre Pompidou in November 2011, is a free and unique online network of Latin America artists and contemporary art. Published both in English and Spanish, it showcases the work of artists, curators, galleries, institutions and events from the Latin-american continent.
The goals of ARTESUR are: to contribute to the spreading of Latin America contemporary art in Europe through its bilingual website (English / Spanish), which has an online catalogue of artists, curators, galleries, festivals and artistic residencies; to create spaces for art production and curatorial practice that may stimulate cultural intersection between both continents; to produce editorial tools and cultural events that may promote reflection on the cultural crossing between European and Latin America’s multiple cultures, focusing on the growth of contemporary art, academic-scientific studies, and the new urban cultural manifestations. ARTESUR expects to stimulate and to bring out an equal dialogue between Europe and Latin America’s artistic communities.
ArteSur is a self-funded project, which has since 2011 been sponsored by the Maison de l’Amérique Latine (Paris). Since its creation, ARTESUR is working along with several institutions in France and in Latin America.

Albertine de Galbert and Elena Lespes Muñoz coordinate ARTESUR.

Selection Process
ARTESUR’s database has been compiled departing from our field experience and our constant contact with local cultural agents, who contribute with advices and suggestions to enrich the website’s content. These exchanges allow us to be always close to Latin-American art scene’s current situation.

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*ARTESUR Web is a project developed by Beam Prod., a non profit association governed by the French Law on associations of 1901.