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Alberto Lezaca

Born in 1971 in Colombia
Lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia

My work explores the potential of a diverse range of media including installation, video, sculpture, computer graphics and photography. In my most recent work, I see it is influenced by a strong interest in the concept of “prototype”, understood as a primal idea that shapes the objects and devices that surround us. I am also interested in language as a cultural construction; mainly in terms of how language determines the way we understand the material world by creating categories and mental structures. That is the reason why my practice seeks to find a space where established systems of communication break down and gradually disappear, through the delicate articulation of the invisible. This is achieved by drawing attention to overlooked forms, or by giving shape to the imaginary. Specifically, I use and refer to architectural and design elements, both in a physical and psychological way, in order to create “mental spaces” where the spectator is invited to enter another world configuration.

2013 – Bogotá City on the Edge – Łaźnia Centre For Contemporary Art, Gdanzk, Poland
2013 – Ninguna forma de vida es inevitable – by Jose Ignacio Roca. FLORA ars+natura, Bogota
2013 – CONCIERTACIENCIA – (Colombia-Brasil) by Déborah Bruel – Santiago Rueda. Espaco das Artes, Curitiba
2012 – Installation “Folded Landscape“. ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCY at GASWORKS. Gasworks International Artist Residency Programme. London
2012 – ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCY at GASWORKS. Gasworks International Artist Residency Programme. London
2012 – Somnambulant Eve – an exibition curated by Anna Andronova and Sylwia Krason. WRONG DOOR PROJECT, London
2012 – “1 ala mesa dataglove piece”.”YIVY – Yogyakarta International Videowork Festival, Yogyakarta
2012 – Estructura sobre estructura – Galería La Central, Bogotá
2011 – Informe general de correcciones físicas – Galería La Central, Bogotá

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