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Alejandra Tavolini

Born in 1969 in Rosario,  Argentina.
Lives and works in Rosario, Argentina.

Alejandra Tavolini provokes unfamiliar associations by distorting plain, ordinary objects or by creating with them unaccustomed displays. She preserves cuddly sharks, cows or sheep in formaldehyde, parodying Damien Hirst’s millionaire installations. Also she fuses the plushies’ bodies, altering their features, as trying to exhibit potential outcomes of what seems to be meaningless disasters.

Additionally, she creates malformed zoomorphic creatures: freaks that suffer from genetic disorders, congenital diseases and problems in growth.

With these repertoire of objects Tavolini conceives installations where space and light acquire a dramatic tone.

Exhibitions (selection)
2011 – De regreso al Paraíso – Itau Foundation – Buenos Aires, Argentine.
2011 – Arte de Santa Fe – Fine Arts Museum ‘Juan B. Castagnino’- Rosario, Argentine.
2010 – The Modern and Contemporary Latinamerican Art Show: Pinta – London, UK.
2010 – Artistas del Bicentenario – La Capital Museum – Rosario, Argentine.
2008 – Acerca del Estudio de los Protagonistas – Contemporary Art Museum – Rosario, Argentine.

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