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Bernardo Oyarzún

Born in 1963 in Los Muermos, Chile
Lives and works in Santiago, Chile

His work is inserted in a proletarian context, it’s references are taken from the marginal sectors of society and it has an anthropological basis that is associated with Latin American identity, its native roots and mestizaje. He combines anthropological, social, historical and ethnical elements in order to present, in a critical way, Chilean culture and society. For his installations he commonly uses documents and photographs of his personal history and origins, which are linked to the native forests of southern Chile and Mapuche culture, indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina. His breakthrough was Bajo Sospecha (Under Suspension, 1998), an exhibition inspired by a past event, when he was arrested by Chilean police after being confused with a criminal. Oyarzún has exhibited at 18 solo shows in Chile and abroad, as well as 30 international exhibitions and biennales.

Source: e-flux

Represented by Patricia Ready Gallery

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