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Founded in Bogotá, Colombia

Caldodecultivo is a transdisciplinary creation and research collective based in Bogota, formed by Unai Reglero, Gabriela Córdoba and Guillermo Camacho.

Their artistic practice focuses on questioning neoliberal policies and the narratives that justify them, highlighting the impositions, exclusions and violences that they imply. Thus, global problems such as urban renewal processes and the displacements they generate or partial and stereotyped representations suffered by certain sectors of the population are treated through artistic projects. From installations in public spaces to videos they create devices that provoque popular agitation and involve the affected communities. The objective is to amplify the struggles, the resistance tactics and the survival strategies of the so-called “informal city, »: that great mass of beings and places that are excluded from development.

Caldodecultivo is therefore a collective whose practice reacts to the context. In recent years they have been developing projects in various American and European cities: Detroiters (Ideas City Detroit – New Museum. EEUU, 2016); Medellín Sobre Todos (MDE15. Encuentro Internacional de Arte de Medellín, 2015); Comanche (Artecámara. Bogotá, 2015); Señora Puta (Barrio Santa Fe, Bogotá, 2014); Terra Promesa (Künstainer, Tarragona, España, 2014); Arriba los de Abajo (La Otra Bienal, Bogotá, 2014), Europa (, Varsovia, Polonia, 2013); Lo importante es la Base (, Tarragona, España, 2013);and others…

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