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Catalina León

Born in 1981, Argentina
Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Ritual spaces, altars composed of ground, paintings, plants are the installations of Leon, whose work is about the redefinition of processes, understanding art as a process of nature. In her work Pintura para piso y plantas, winner of Petrobrás in 2007, creates a metaphor between art and the power of life. The space is invaded by the nature and paint come out under action layers that have been accumulated because of the time. The ruins of a work is the poetics of this installations, whose beauty lies in their ability to perish. Through her drawings on fragments of wall, attempts a portrait of intimacy, get outdoors the everyday life and familiar things, what happens between walls for decontextualise painting and pull it away from the pedestal that the canvas sustain. In her works lives painting, sculpture, poetry, and crafts united by the desire to want to unmask the world, take away the masks and leaving it the skin to the heat of the air and the look of the audience to create a pleasant disagreement. The works of Leon are fragmented, her paintings are broken pieces made on brittle materials, drawings lying on the floor and incomplete sculptures that leave on evidence their manufacture, their human origin, which speak of a close connection between the artist, his life and the life of her work.”

From the book Ustedes Nosotros
Luisa Fuentes Guaza

2011 – Muda – Alberto Sendros Galería –  Buenos Aires –  Noviembre (Individual)
2012 – Ultimas Tendecias I I (donaciones en suspenso) – Mamba –  Buenos Aires –  Junio- Septiembre
2010 – PintorAs – Museo Castagnino –  Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Rosario (MACRO) – Rosario –  Marzo-abril
2010 – Mac Salta – julio-agosto
2010 – Museo provincial Dr Juan Vidal – Corrientes – noviembre
2011 – Centro cultural hogar San José – Olavarria marzo abril
2011 – Teatro Auditorium – Mar del plata – mayo – junio
2011 – Centro cultural Borges – Buenos Aires – mayo – junio
2010 – Mientras sea Posible – Casa América – Madrid – España –  Marzo-mayo
2009 – ¿Por qué pintura? – Fondo Nacional de las Artes –  Buenos Aires – Argentina –  Mayo-junio
2009 – Lost for Life – Pabellón de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires en Arte Americas – Miami – EEUU –  marzo
2009 – Adquisiciones -donaciones y comodatos Obras Malba-Fundación Constantini – Buenos Aires – Argentina –  Diciembre 2008-febrero
2008 – Salón de museo Castaginino- Macro – Rosario – Argentina –  Diciembre
2009 – Rendez-vous 2008 – MAC Lyon – Francia –  Septiembre 2008-enero 2008 – Cruz Imaginal – Daniel Abate Galería –  Buenos Aires –  Junio (Individual)
2007 – Patio o pintura para piso y plantas –  Premio ArteBa Petrobrás 2007 Primer premio –  Buenos aires – Argentina –  Mayo –
2005 – Fondation Cartier  – exposición j`en reve –  París – Francia –  Junio-octubre –
2004 – Convertidas en perlas tus lágrimas brotan del mar –  Alberto Sendros Galería –  Buenos Aires –  Diciembre –  (Cierre de la muestra en verdulería La granja de Almagro diciembre 2004) (individual)

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