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Cesar Gonzalez

Born in 1986 in Colombia
Lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia

To start and make some context, a reflection upon human relationships (towards mankind, towards the world, towards the unknown), with the unfolding associations they have, and the question of how you are understanding your world, are principal guidelines of my work, in which the potential of an image as an instrument of knowledge, as principle of organization, as synthesis is reflected. I understand them as a potentially and organic micro-situations which seems to be an unfinished harmony, a construction without center, neither ordered nor disordered, flexible and in constant transformation.

That’s why I also think this images as aphorisms, not as illustration but as analogies, as concentrations of information and energy, as situations that tends to grow, that tends to develop, individually, but not necessarily isolated; images (and the ideas behind them) are interconnected, articulated as thoughts, memories, dreams, projections and realities that generate an environment, a constellation of relationships.

Selected Group shows
2016      De lo espiritual en el arte. Obertura, MAMM, Medellín, Colombia
2016      Hacia una nueva orilla, NC-Arte, Bogotá, Colombia
2016      Volviendo a Caza, Galería de la Oficina, Medellín, Colombia
2014      Stories About Place, Sicardi Gallery, Houston, USA
2014      El Cosmos InteriorCasas Riegner, Bogotá, Colombia.
2013      Transitional. Sicardi Gallery, Houston, USA.
2012      Acirema. Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.
2012      Sobre el trazado: Versiones del Dibujo. Wu Galeria, Lima, Peru.
2011      On Traces: Versions of Drawig. AB Projects. Toronto, Canadá.
2010      Zona Sur. Feria Internacional de Arte de Bogotá. Corferias, Bogotá, Colombia.
2010      Ánima. Cámara de Comercio. Bogotá, Colombia.
2009      Entre Líneas. CCMOCA. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2009      Entre Líneas. Ateliê da Imagem. Río de Janeiro, Brasil.
2009      Asimetrías y Convergencias. Galería Vermelho. São Paulo, Brasil

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