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Christiane Pooley

Born in 1983 in Temuco, Chile
Lives and works between Santiago de Chile and Paris, France

I’m interested in how we construct belief in response to notions that we can´t fully seize, such as our relation to time, space or the infinite. Through observation, classification and transformation, I attempt to find ways to explore this idea.

My work arises as an on-going documentation of the self; which is organized through different projects. How do I see, how does my memory work, how do I reconstruct my own story? I like to reflect upon the ways in which this documentation takes place, and integrate its subjective structure into my images.

For me, the paintings offer a laboratory where echo and doubt are possible.

Painting emerges not only as a medium, but also as a substitute and a lie. I believe that through this lie I will be able, if never to seize reality, to discern those things that are structuring my approach to it.

2013 – On belief – curated by Alexia Tala, Summa Fair, Matadero, Madrid [solo presentation]
2012 – Inside Out – Galerie Esther Donatz, Munich [two-person exhibition]
2011 – Scope Basel – Cynthia Corbett Gallery, Basel
2011 – Group show – Hewer Street Studios, London
2010 – Atrapados en lo Desconocido – Galería Patricia Ready, Santiago de Chile [solo exhibition]
2008 – I also ask myself – New Galerie de France, Paris [solo exhibition]
2008 – FIAC – New Galerie de France, Paris
2007 – The Hamsterwheel – Venetian Arsenal, Venice. Curated by Franz West
2006 – Xhibit 06 – The Arts Gallery, London. Curated by Eamonn Maxwell
2006 – Growbag – The Art Pavilion, Mile End, London

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