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Daniel Kiblisky

Born in 1965 in Buenos Aires, Argentina Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina

In regard to his photographic work presents an aesthetic line that favors the readability of the document. The camera is placed in a strict frontality, with a careful search of the light, no matter the object to portray all are carried out under the same rigor. Always it observes the sharpness of the image and the value of the depth of field. That allows the possibility of approaching the photography in a net and detailed way.

Solo Exhibitions
2014 – Letras Sudamericanas – Rojo Productora de Arte, Córdoba, Argentina
2014 – Salas de Lectura – UNLP Public Library, La Plata, Argentina
2014 – Leyendo Sudamérica – Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2011 – Silencio en las Salas – Arte x Arte Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Group Exhibitions
2014 – Lima Photo – Vértice Gallery, Peru
2014 – Buenos Aires Photo – Arte x Arte Gallery, Argentina
2013 – Museo MACAY – Argentina en México”-Yucatán, Mexico
2012 – Arte Argentino in Torino – Torino, Italy 2009 – Festival Internacional de Artes Visuales – Fortezza da Basso, Firenze, Italy