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Daniela Busarello

Born in 1973 in Curitiba, Brasil
Lives and works in Paris, france

Daniela Busarello’s work explores the urban space: public and private, transforming it in poetic sensations.
The landscape usually ordinary, part of every day life, gets transformed into imaginative, graphic, “moving-observation” journey. It’s the sensation of eyes staring landscapes, staring silence, staring noise, and re-compositing it with new meanings and sensations. Captures textures, colors, graphics and movements from inside, from outside. paper, glass, photographs, drawing, installations and interior architecture.

Exhibitions – Projects
2011 – in.situ – photography
2011 – in.sight – photography
2011 – mose– in progress, glass, venezia, italia.
2011 – piacere- in progress, glass, italy, france, brazil.
2011 – caoptical – ceramic tiles, private collection, paris, France.
2011 – acqua calma – photo, private collection, paris – france.
2011 – universal blue – merci, art notebooks, paris, france.
2010 – jardin d’amour – installation, cassina, paris, france.
2010 – de-light – installation, cassina, paris, france.
2008 – imperfections – photography

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