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Felipe Arturo

Born in 1979 in Bogotá, Colombia
Lives and works in Lisboa, Portugal

Felipe Arturo is an architect and artist born in Bogotá in 1979. His practice takes elements from fields in the proximities of urbanism, architecture and art in relation to politics, history, geography and economy. His works and projects are mainly sculptures, installations and videos departing from concepts like structure, sequence and matter. The work of Arturo is deeply influenced by vernacular architecture and construction techniques that reflect processes of assimilation and resistance to colonial and post-colonial processes.

2014 – Beyond the Supersquare Bronx Museum, New York
2013 – 43 Salón (inter) Nacional de Artistas. Medellín
2013 – Horizontal. Galeria  La Central, Bogotá
2013 – Trópico entrópico. Lugar a Dudas, Cali
2012 – Ten Letters. Positions at Art Basel Miami Beach.
2010 – Estructura sin contenido. Museo Amparo, Puebla
2010 – Constructivismo espontáneo. EL52, Galería OMR, México D.F.
2009 – La Vorágine. Biblioteca Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá
2007 – The Hapiness of Objects. Sculpture Center, New York
2005 – Lugar/No Lugar, Nuevos Nombres. Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango. Bogotá

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