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Gabriel Rico

Born in 1980 in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico
Lives and works in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico

I am fascinated with the idea of existing and the power that this entails, I have tried to create works that have destinies of their own, using the gedankenexperiments like beginning. Having always been fascinated with the philosophical analogies and scientific disciplines, my work has been very influenced by the form and the space, sometimes I using technology tools and scientific models as metaphors for memory an illusion, my work seeks to interpret and represent psychological states. In my work I use various materials and methods such as installation, sculpture, video, sound, painting and digital media, nowadays working on issues such as deconstruct and re contextualize developments in areas such as representation of knowledge, the fragility of space, exploration of audiovisual terms and origin of information, my work is to refer to a reflection on the nature of the piece from order to pose the materials used to made and the place in which it is presented. I have the chance to exhibit in Mexico, Belgium, Holland, South Korea and England, have worked on independent projects as Urbanizarte, Tourista, Artica, LIGA and Bicephalo.

Solo show
2013 –  “B @ V” project selected by the Board of culture in Fuenlabrada to be e exhibit in the CEART @ Madrid Spain
2013 – “B @ V” program 12×12 selected by the curators Guillermo Santamarina & V Itala Schmelz @ MASIN,Culiacán Sinaloa México
2012 – Lo que me da forma, lo que me contiene – galería Curro&Poncho, Guadalajara, México.
2012 – Soporte – MASIN Museo de Arte de Sinaloa, Sinaloa Mexico.
2011 – Elevando el espacio a la dignidad de atributo de dios – Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico.
2010 – Todas las formas de arte en una misma entidad – la vitrina ( Guadalajara, Mexico.
2010 – dela IM – Laboratorio CV930 – Museo de las Artes de la Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico.
2010 – Paisajes Universales No.5 – proyecto muro in café Benito room Juárez. LARVA, selection by Abraham Cruz Villegas, Guadalajara, Mexico.
2008 – Entrr – Segundo Piso, Guadalajara, Jal.
2005 – No es una moda sino un estilo de vida – Museo de las Artes de la Universidad de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Jal.
2004 – Nasser el Sombaty – Panteón de Belén, Guadalajara, Jal.

Group show
2013 – Festival de arte Careyes 2012, Curated by Humberto Moro @ gallery La B “Brignonesca,Careyes México.
2013 – Tinnitus & fosfenos – Curated by Viviana Kuri, Carlos Ashida
2012 – Manifest Aanwezig – curated by Annemie Van Laethem, castillo OudRekem, Belgium
2012 – Play panopticon – Seul Art Space Gumcheon, Seul, South Korea
2012 – Festival de arte Careyes 2012 – Galería La Brignonesca, Careyes, Mexico
2011 – Archivo Bastardo – La Galería del comercio, Mexico City, Mexico
2011 – NADA – Art Fair Miami, USA
2011 – Don & látigo – sala Juarez, LARVA, Guadalajara, Mexico
2011 – Shadowing cities – ruimte in beweging ( R Rotterdam, Netherlands.
2011 – lightworks – Grimsby Minster, London England.
2011 – Grange Gardens Sculpture Project – GALERIE8, London England.
2010 – MACO – Centro de convenciones Banamex, México DF.
2010 – Tenemos tanto tiempo y tan poco que hacer – CAM contemporáneo, Guadalajara, Mexico.
2010 – Totem, Tree amigos – Abarrotera Mexicana, Guadalajara, México.
2009 – MACO MTY – hotel Habitat, Monterrey, México.
2009 – Hot Art – Basilea Fundation, Basel Switzerland.
2009 – FEMACO – Centro de convenciones Banamex, México DF.
2008 – Firulais – Museo de la Ciudad, curated by Cristián Silva, Guadalajara, Jal.
2008 – Matemáticas discretas – Tree amigos – Av. Vallarta 1835 int 2. Guadalajara Jal.
2008 – Las mujeres de mi padre – Museo Raúl Anguiano, curated by Cristián Silva, Guadalajara Jal.
2008 – Dios – Tree amigos Chapultepec 70 depto. 10. Guadalajara, Jal.
2007 – Mexican Modern Art – Universidad de Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Gto.
2007 – Sindicato de Hong Kong – Curated by Jorge Méndez Blake, Segundo Piso, Guadalajara, Jal.
2007 – Imashbank – Tree amigos Simón Bolívar 1680, Guadalajara, Jal.

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