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Glenda León

Born in 1976 in La Habana, Cuba,
Lives and works between Madrid, Spain and La Habana, Cuba

I believe in an art that act like an alarm for walking more aware through the world, and allow us to see it as if it were for the first time, with the privileged look of a child. Making noticeable the imperceptible.
I’m interested in the interstice between the visible and the invisible, between sound and silence, between the similarity and the difference, between ephemeral and the eternal.
Like magic, art is an act of transformation, which can be as simple as making a coincidence to happen.

2013 – 55th VENICE BIENNIAL, Cuban Pavilion, curated by Jorge Fernández, Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Venezia, Palazzo Reale, Piazza San Marco 17, Venice, Italy.
2013 – Bruit Bleu – Chateau des Adhemar, Montéllimar, France.
2012 – Sueño de Verano – piscina del Edificio Focsa, colateral XI Bienal de La Habana, Cuba.
2012 – Escuchando el Silencio – galeria MagnanMetz projects, Nueva York.
2010 – Delirios – Galerie Dominique Fiat, Paris, France.
2011 – Entre Trópicos 46° 5’: Cuba / Brasil – CAIXA Cultural Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
2010 – La terre est bleue comme une orange – Musée des Beaux‐Arts de Montréal, Canada.
2009 – El Patio de mi casa – Arte Contemporáneo en patios de Córdoba/The sky within my house, Courtyards in Córdoba, Spain.
2007 – Infinite Island – Brooklyn Museum, New York, US
2005 – IRREDUCIBLE: Contemporary Short Form Video, 1995-2005 – CCA Wattis Institute, San Francisco/ Miami Art Central, Miami/ Bronx Museum, New York, US.

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