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Hernán Salvo

Born in 1976, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Works and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hernán Salvo’s work brings together multiple disciplines, among them, sculpture, painting, drawing and installations. In his work, the spectator has an essential role, he completes it through his participation. Salvo uses the observation and exploration of the environment as a trigger to invite the observer to investigate the contents. His geometric reliefs and dioramas present an exhaustive care of detail. In geometrical dioramas, which are hermetic, it is possible to enter into an intimacy as a voyeurist through holes. Inside, the architectures and situations manage to unite narrative elements of fiction with the abstraction of science. Space and illumination plays a relevant role as they provide disturbing atmospheres.
Whether through drawing, sculpture or painting, Hernán Salvo represents a reality in which it is possible to question his own truth from the observation of these microspaces or segments of stories as an instrument of a revelation.

Individual exhibitions
2017 – Fundación Osde, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2016 – Mirar no es suficiente – Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2014 – Lugares comunes – Galería Schlifka – Molina, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2013 – Salvo – Wells, Galería Matilde Bensignor, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2012 – La arquitectura como metáfora – Espacio de Arte Maggio, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2012 – Eppur si muove, Instalación en el Patio Itaú Cultural, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2009 – Espacios nocturnos, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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