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Jorge Cabieses-Valdés

Born in  1978 in  Santiago, Chile
Lives and work in Greece, Athens

I work with what I call “domestic horror”. Domestic horror is the implied violence in everyday life and domestic environments. When I manipulate objects from domestic environments, like electric appliances, flower vases or furniture, I am not necessarily interested in the history of interior design but in what these objects symbolize. When I work with a wooden chair or a porcelain figurine, I do it thinking that the material has more to do with centuries of moral conventions rather than with the object itself. Even though I am aware the pretentiousness of such an action is problematic, the pleasure derived from it has always an aesthetic dimension.

2014 –  Anamorfosis – Sala de Arte CCU, Santiago, Chile
2014 –  Grotesco – Galería XS, Santiago, Chile
2013 –  Porcelanatron – Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago, Chile
2013 –  Platform Access -4th Preview Exhibition of the Incheon Art Platform Resident Artists, Incheon, South Korea
2013 –  Swingers – Galería Temporal, Santiago, Chile
2012 –  The Miniature Series – Kaapelin Galleria, HIAP, Helsinki, Finland
2012 – Violencia Pasiva – Galería D21, Santiago, Chile
2012 – The Phantom Limb – Open Show Studio, Athens, Greece
2011 –  Música y Masacre – Galería Tajamar, Santiago, Chile
2011 –La Miniatura (la plaga) – Museo de la Solidaridad, Santiago
2011 –  Lo Infinitesimal – Galería Centro, Talca, Chile

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