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Jorge Sosa

Born in 1976 in Mexico City, Mexico
Lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico

The work of Jorge Sosa (Mexico, 1976) scrutinizes the social engineering that gives life to common experiences. Through what he calls ‘transient documents’ (sculptures, videos, drawings, photographies and publications) explores everyday events as collisions between cultural tissues, economic and political of the social system in which he lives. In his practice there are symbiotic relationships between conceptual elements and materials, as a metabolic process that generates breaks in the interpretation of the ordinary.

In Sosa’s words, art is a remnant of the cultural fluid, always vaporous and irrepressible, and the artwork is a kind of protocol constructed with burrs or splashing that were originated in some aspect of survival. In this sense, his work is an inventory of simple actions, a hermeneutic exercise about the construction of experience.

2011 – Publicación Peeping Tom’s Digest#2: México – Le 8 rue Saint-Bon, París, Francia
2011 – Publicación Peeping Tom’s Digest#2: México – Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo, Ciudad de México
2010 – Happy is a place – Fundación Exmolino, Ciudad de México
2009 – La Constelación del Perro – Galería Jesús Gallardo, Universidad de Guanajuato, México
2008 – Sonora Blank – David Risley Gallery, Londres, Reino Unido
2007 – Inter-Faces – Soros Centre for Contemporary Arts, Almaty, Kazakhstan
2007 – Correo Doméstico – Gallery NOD, Praga, República Checa
2006 – Colisión – David Risley Gallery, Londres, Reino Unido
2004 – Equilibrios de la mano temblorosa – Galería Art & Idea, Ciudad de México
2004 – Panorámica Descentro – ExTeresa Arte Actual, Ciudad de México

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