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Julian Burgos

Born in 1976 in Colombia
Lives and works in France

Burgos’ painting begins with an act. An act that involves appropriating images and visual space, an act that entails redefining and decontextualising. An act of destruction and reconstruction that might be illustrated by this photo found on the Web: two young children playing in a living room, both spattered with white paint like the furniture, the rug and the TV. Their relaxed faces convey a kind of joyful release: a sense of accomplishment, or maybe even of catharsis, as the artist would later say. If it’s easy to identify with children who get things dirty – especially a TV set – it is because this seemingly banal and unconscious act challenges our image-filled world. In Burgos’ paintings, these defiant stains cover faces, cancelling them out and foreshadowing the construction of a new harmony that the artist brings into being with brisk brushstrokes.

2016 “Híbridos”. Curaduría Estefania Sokoloff, Fabulae, Bogotá – Colombia
2015 ” State of Violent Disorder”. Curaduría Cèlia Nkala & Florian Gaité, Boon Paris – Francia
2014 ” Everything’s Still Dirty “. Creative Door, París – Francia
2014 “Pour l’amour des maitres”. PS21, París- Francia
2012 “Natura facit saltus”.
7 – 8 Junio: Galeria Color y Forma, Medellín – Colombia.
 14 – 16 Junio: Museo de arte Moderno, Bucaramanga – Colombia. Curaduría Diana Martinez Ruiz
28 – 30 Junio y 3 – 6 Julio: Galeria Schaller, Bogota – Colombia

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