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Juliano Caldeira

Born in 1981 in São Domingos do Prata, Brazil
Lives and works in Paris, france

Juliano Caldeira, like a lot of figurative painters today, offers us a painting full of conflicting clues, where the vision appears to us with multiple entries and passages, carrying out first and foremost his instability. The history and acceleration of the modern world have exhausted the stability of images. Thus, they have regained their original opaqueness, the ‘this is not’ of an internet image, where philosophy is one click next to pornography, chic or hardcore, night and fog with Fantasia. What these artists of the new generation, like Juliano Caldeira, Damien Cadio, Katharina Ziemke but also their predecessors like Neo Rauch, Paula Rego, Daniel Richter, Bernard Martin are bringing us, in different measures and styles, is that the ‘here and now’ is not clearly discernible any more, and that a solidarity with reality has been dissolved (…)

When you view a Caldeira’s painting, you are forced to get rid of the ballast from any marker at the risk of being mistaken, in order to construe what the painter gave subtly back to the visible. (…)Juliano Caldeira is a painter, he will continue surprising us, losing us in the dark forest of the images seized by the persuasion of the human hand. — Eric Corne, 2010.

Solo Exhibitions
2012 – Tableaux, fusées, détails, intervalles – Centre d’Art Contemporain Île Moulinsart du Val de Sarthe, Fillé-sur-Sarthe, France
2010 – Interzone(s)

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curated by Eric Corne, Château-d’Eau, Bourges, France
2010 – Les caprices et la chimère – Orangerie du Château de la Louvière, Montluçon, France
2004 – A outra pintura – Galerie EBA_UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Group Exhibitions
2012 – 16e Prix Antoine Marin de Peinture – Arcueil, France
2012 – Voir en Peinture III – Sortir de la grille modernisme : la narration – curated by Eric Corne, La Box / ENSA-Bourges, France
2011 – Jeune Création – le CENTQUATRE, Paris, France
2011 – Palissart_La Source painting prize » Conseil Général de l’Eure, Evreux, France
2010 – L’Atelier – Espace Gaston Chaissac, Sainte Florence, France
2008 – Panorama de la Jeune Création – 4e Biennale d’Art Contemporain de Bourges, France

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