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Lizi Sánchez

Born in 1975 in Lima, Peru
Lives and works in London, UK

Sánchez utilizes the notion of display in her work. Borrowing from the enticing world of luxury packaging and a gamut of visual cultures, she conjures a dialogue between the authenticity of her work and its transformation within the commercial space.

Sánchez entices the viewer with exuberant eye candy, regardless of her choice of materials… Shiny, synthetically luscious and full of the apprehension of an unwrapped gift, her work is both an ode to the heady desirability of boutique paraphernalia and a nod to pop. But despite its glint, there’s something awry about her sculptures, something incongruous…As our eyes shift from the layers of glistening Willy Wonka-like foil, we notice that this isn’t the happy plastic it initially claims to be. Each layer is delicately hand painted, introducing the surprise intervention of craft. The sheen that evoked obvious associations with the ready-made, now invites a conversation surrounding the artist as maker.

Jeanine Woollard, 2013

2014 – Oh Locura de Diamante – solo show – Vertice Gallery,  Lima- Peru
2012 – Beyond the Pearl – solo show with work by Louise Lawler- Standpoint Gallery, London-UK
2010 – Mirror Pelt – solo show, Weissfaktor, – Berlin, Germany
2013 – Material Matters -The Drawing Room & UBM Headquarters, London-UK
2012 – Through the Looking Glass -The Agency Gallery, London-UK
2011 – The Knight Turns its Head and Laughs – Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich, London-UK
2011 – Utopia Ltd.- Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda, Ireland, April
2011 – Proteo– Nettie Horn Gallery, London-UK
2010 – Sophisticated Boom Boom (in B & W)– Domobaal Gallery, London-UK
2008 – Once Removed – Unit 2 Gallery, curated by Richard Hylton, London-UK

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