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Lucila Godoy

Born in 1989 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Vive y trabaja en Buenos Aires, Argentina

I’m from Argentina.

I’m really interested in pursuing a career in photography. I began traveling from a young age and I have used photography as a way of documenting my trips.

My photos on my web page are meant to communicate a messages as opposed to capturing conspicuous beauty. Rather, I try to identify subtlety, sensitivity; feeling the instant.

I would say my life can be characterized by travelling and photography.  To me, each trip is as an experimentation with my camera.  In a new environment, I try and open my senses as to receive the energy of the place and to capture the natural essence of the moment that I am living.

I know myself and I learn with every shot, I express my being in every second; Integrating my vibe with the vibe of the scene, and thus creating a third innocent and creative being.

I choose to photograph to share what is happening within me, to awaken myself and to awaken those who observe what I have captured in my photographs.

With every picture I empower myself and I wish to empower each and everyone through my eyes.

2009- Civilazate –  sitio web , civiles . Buenos Aires, Argentina .
2010- Carnemag – editorial . Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2010- Revista remix, editorial – Buenos Aires , Argentina.
2011- Concurso oxigeno, primer premio – Buenos Aires , Argentina.
2012-  Revista 90+10 , éditorial – Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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