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Luis Alfonso Villalobos

Born in 1976 in Guadalajara, Mexico
Lives and works in Guadalajara, Mexico

My works evoke the intrinsic calm in disaster. Sort of post apocalyptic fictions that overlays of existing icons –architectural, artistic, historical- and mythologies allowing to imagine a present within a future.  There’s a recurrent concern to remark and question the abysmal gap between humans and the environment, particularly in the idealization of nature from its most impressive features: the ferocity, the uncontrollable, its purity.

I pretend to recreate in my drawings and installations, through craftsmanship and an aesthetic that contrast between the thorough, highly detailed and complex to coarse, precarious and simple aspect, the imminent fractures and possible implosions of the structures of establishment in a poetic way.

2012 – Sohoe!(Temporada de caza) – Museo Agustín Rivera, Lagos de Moreno, México
2012 – Finalistas premio CUBE – Galería Curro y Poncho, Guadalajara, México
2011 – Cortocircuito (Proyecto comisionado por el congreso internacional CARFREE -ciudades libres de autos– Guadalajara, México
2011- Heráldica – Galería Curro y Poncho, Guadalajara, México
2011- Fuerzas básicas, formas del dibujo reciente en Jalisco – Museo de la Ciudad, Guadalajara, México
2010 – Bing bang y otras historias de la Evolución– Centro Cultural Border, México D.F.
2010 – Tenemos tanto tiempo y tan poco que hacer – Cam contemporáneo, Guadalajara, México
2009 – Firulais, Museo de la ciudad – Guadalajara, México
2006 – Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space – Museo de las artes UDG, Guadalajara, México

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