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Marcela Cabezas Hilb

Born in 1978 in Mexico
Lives and works in Argentina

La envoltura de las cosas


In 1980, amidst the last military dictatorship, my parents returned to Argentina as participants in Montoneros´ counteroffensive, thus putting an end to their exile in Mexico. I was two years old at the time, and, of course, came back with them. We lived in clandestinity until they where detained.

Four years went by, they spent them in prison while I stayed with my grandparents. I started kindergarten. When asked about my parents, I learned to answer “imprisoned for pulitical reasons”. I dealt with an estranged day-to-day life, with a disarrangement affecting the familiar and turning it into strange: my dog, the blue uniforms on visit days, the nap time, the wind in Rawson, the corn on the cob spread with butter that I ate on the beach, the searches, the night.

I took these photographs stopped at the limits of habit and intuiting, just like then, that which is not visible in the envelopment of things.

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