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María Noël

Born in 1965 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Exhibition (selection)
2012 – PINTA Art Fair- Aina Nowack Gallery, London, UK
2012 – PINTA Art Fair– Aina Nowack Gallery, New York, USA
2012 – MONACO Art Fair- Aina Nowack Gallery- Forum Grimaldi, Montecarlo
2012 – MORE THAN WORDS –  Jagged Art Gallery,  London, UK
2012 – Art Monaco – Muestra Individual En Arte Espacio, Chile
2011 –  London Art Fair –  Galeria Jagged Art,  London, UK
2011 – Arte Ba –  Centro De Edicion, Galeria, Buenos Aires
2011 – Pinta Art Fair London –  Earl S Court Exhibition Centre –  Galeria Aina Nowack, London,  UK
2011 – Pinta Art Fair Nyc –  Pier 92 –  New York –  Galeria Aina Nowack,  New York, USA
2000 – Premio Pettorutti  De La Academia Nacional De Bellas Artes –   Museo Sivori
1994 – Muestra Individual –  Espacio Giesso

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