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Mariana Renthel

Born in 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lives ans works in Bogotá, Colombia

Regarding my work, I recently became very interested  in narratives counterpoised to the concept of  object ambigu, and the way matter (whatever it shape and consistency) has an inherent carrying capacity for information.  Due to this facts that has, somehow, presence in my pieces, I have worked in different media  being particularly drawn towards textiles as  matter and conceptual element.

2014 – DOLLS –  as part of das weib selbdrit, Restauration im Project Raum, Dachauer Laden, München, Germany
2013 –Un corps étranger –  as a part of the open studio in CAMAC, Artist in Residency Program, Marnay sur Seine, France
2013 –La imposibilidad de decir -in the context of ArtBo art fair, Pabellón ArteCámara, Bogotá, Colombia
2012 – + JSH- CDA Residency Program and Exhibition, Torba Turkey
2012 – Santorini Biennale of Arts I Edition, Santorini, Greece
2011 –  +Die Stimme aus… in the Intermedios2 festival, National University of Colombia Leopoldo Rother Museum, Bogotá, Colombia

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