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Martín Reyna

Born in 1964 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Lives and works between Paris (France) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Martin Reyna’s new abstract paintings reminisce of void landscapes that are veiled behind colorful vivid blurs. Reducing them to laborious minimal expressionistic gestures, the paintings seem as if they could be the record or the effect of a passed moment.

He “wants to paint the unreal light of landscape, activating the color contrasts, using each time a wider range, next to the rainbow, as if aspiring to reach the whole. His painting turns serene due to its careful expression, and tense because of the clash of lights inside an infinite space.”

Todd Rosenbaum

Solo exhibitions
2010 Hogar Collection Gallery.  New York. USA
2009 La couleur de l’eau. D’Est et d’Ouest Gallery. Paris France
2008 La couleur de l’eau. Pavillon de l’eau. Paris. France Artemisa Gallery. Brussels. Belgium
2007 Angers-Buenos Aires. University of Angers. France
2006 About the painting.  Hogar Collection Gallery. New York

Group exhibitions
2011 – Texan-French Alliance for the Arts. Devin Borden Hiram Butler Gallery. Houston. USA
2011 – 8th Ansan International Art Fair.  South Corea
2011 – Art protects . Yvon Lambert Gallery. Paris, France
2011 – Fernelmont Contemporary Art. Chateau de Fernelmont. Belgium
2011 – Salir del Subte. Maison de l’Argentine, Cité Universitaire. Paris
2011 – ARTEBA. Del Infinito Arte Gallery – Buenos Aires, Argentina
2011 – Punto, linea, curva. Del Infinito Arte Gallery. Buenos Aires
2010 – Art et mémoire. Argentinian Ambassy. Paris. France
2010 – Brun Leglise Gallery. Paris France
2010 – art.metz. Foire d’art de la Grande Région. Pabellon Argentino. Metz. France
2010 – Fernelmont Contemporary Art. Chateau de Fernelmont. Belgium
2010 – ARTEBA. Del Infinito Arte Gallery. Buenos Aires. Argentin
2009 – Show Off. Hogar Collection Gallery. Paris. France
2009 – El color en toda su diversidad. Centro Cultural Borges. Buenos  Aires. Argentina
2009 – Colectiva.  Del Infinito Arte Gallery. Buenos Aires
2009 – Local Paintings. Markus Winter Gallery. Berlin. Germany
2009 – Art Protects. Yvon Lambert Gallery. Paris. France
2009 – Abstraccion Latinoamericana. Artconsult Gallery. Panama
2009 – ARTEBA. Galeria Del Infinito Arte. Buenos Aire
2008 – Artits from Argentina. Works on paper. Kentler International.  Drawing Space. New York. USA

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