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Mauricio RB. Lafayette

Born in 1984 in Mexico City.
Lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico.

The dynamics of the project that concerns me is based on spatial intervention, the bill of objects and photography. The main theme of thework piece is the communication between the disciplines joint spatial dynamics, physical and perceptual systems, analyzes needs and desireas the cold, hunger, fear, etc.

The main objective is to create a space or situation that triggered an bracketing where my audience is forcedto change their attitude about work.This radical change of the attitude “natural” or opposed to natural, puts us on the threshold of philosophical knowledge, in that “bracketing”will not only be confined doctrines and theories about reality, but also reality itself, as a result of this, the reality is not changed but“perceived.”

2010 – International Art Fair Buenos Aires. Argentina.
2010 – Siempreotravez – Museum Of Modern Art, Collaboration Withthe Project. Bosque De Chapultepec Df.
2010 – Expocitor Maco (Mexico Contemporary Art) Yautepec Galery,Site-Specific Sculpture, Masaryk Polanco
2010 – Ix Yucatan Biennale, Acquisition Award 2009
2010 – Winner Of The Xxix National Encounter Of Young Art 2009
2010 – Fonca Scholarship Holder 2008 – 2009 Young Creators.
-Winner Of The Mex-Am Felowship Vermont Studio Center Artisticresidencies 2007
2009 – Building Moving, Young Artists From 2008 To 2009.Ex Convento Del Carmen, Guadalajara Jalisco.
2009 – Femaco Exhibitor (Mexico Contemporary Art Fair) 2009, With The Project “Compadres Out Siders
2009 – Xxix National Encounter Of Young Art. Cultural Institute Of Aguascalientes
2009 – The Reverse Of The World – Metropolitan Gallery. Uam Medellin And Puebla. Colonia Roma.
2009 – Xxix National Encounter Of Young Art. Jose Maria Velasco Gallery Colonia Peralvillo
2008 –The Last Animal Of The Ark
2008 – Pay Atenttion Mother Fucker !!! – Gallery La Esmeralda National Arts Centre, Río Churubusco Ycalzada De Tlalpan. (Individual)
*2008 – Exhibitor Femaco (Mexico Contemporary Art Fair)With The Project “The Changarrito”Banamex Convention Center.
2008 – Get All For The Eyes – Gallery “Casino Metropolitan”Tacuba No. 15 Centro Histórico.
2007 – Fire In The Bed – Vermont Studio Center. Vermont Usa.
2007 – Harassment Of The Fantasies – Gallery “Casino Metropolitan” Tacuba No. 15 Centro Histórico.
2006 – Seven Places – Gallery “Casino Metropolitano” Tacuba No. 15 Centro Histórico.
2006 – Contemporary Vision Of “La Esmeralda” –  Tonalli Gallery Cultural Centre Ollin Yoliztli. Periférico Sur.
2006 – View Moving Group Show Great Masters Of The Graphic Andvisual Arts, Technological University Of Mexico Campus Sur.
2006 – Art Workshop, Interactive Multimediamultimedia Centre Of The National Arts Centre.Río Churubusco Y Calzada De Tlalpan.
2005 – Time Off – Casa De La Cultura, Alameda De Tacubaya. (Individual).
2005 – Prótesis 01 –  Honorable Casa Del Estudiante, C.

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