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Mónica Miller

Born in 1949 in Argentina
Lives and wokrs  in Argentina

Music is part of Monica Millers life. It inhabits the memories of her childhood, and those unexpected appearances that intrude into daily life and perhaps, as Borges said, are the essence of aesthetic feeling.

Probably because of the dominance of Western modernity over other cultures, the piano has become the archetypal image of music. Not surprisingly Nam June Paik, Joseph Beuys, Georges Maciunas, and other artists of the Fluxus movement attacked their irreverent gesture, their destructive poetics, on this solemn and elegant object that seems to encode the nobility of high culture. When I saw a broken piano in a tuning workshop, I felt a strange sadness.

More meditative and more playful, I started playing a patient rebuilding game. In a diptych, present a disturbing visual equation between an object whose presence we recognize immediately, and a grid of minimal and mysterious “sculptures”.

Then I imagined that these loose pieces had a life of their own and could dance their own music. I turned from an almost scientific analysis to a choreographic invention.

The brief and delicious narratives of these videos allow us to perceive those emotions that, beyond the cultural and artistic models, encrypt my memory.

2013 – Muestra individulal em Museo Provincial de Bella Artes  “Franklin Rawson” San juan  Argentina
2012 – pianíssimo – Expressiones Cultural Center – New London
2011 – pianíssimo – CCBorges
2003 – Argentine Conteporany Art – Fleet Bank, Boston
2000 – Tiempo – Pabellón 4
2000 – Argentine Conteporany Art – Tje Latin America Art Museum, Florida.
1998 – Tiempo – Palacio de las Artes
1995 – Revelaciones – Madison Art
1994 – Rememoraciones – Hoy en el Arte
1993 / 92 – Cases and Paintings – Havilland Fine Art. Boston.

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