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Mujeres Creando

The group Mujeres Creando was founded in 1992 by María Galindo, Mónica Mendoza and Julieta Paredes.

Mujeres Creando is an anarchist feminist movement that acts from creativity as a space of struggle. It is composed of women of different cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds, and uses creativity as an instrument of resistance and social participation. The group works to recover the public space appropriated by the patriarchal system. In this sense, the group not only fights for the rights of women or against problems that affect women, but also against other problems that affect society.
The expressive forms of Mujeres Creando are graffiti, creativity, constant public debates and actions, along with a strong presence on the streets to claim their voice and participation in the public sphere. From its beginnings, the group has been part of international meetings, dialoguing with different feminist tendencies, which has built its own ideological identity within autonomous feminism, in contrast and in connection with global struggles.

The movement cooperatively manages two houses: “La Virgen de los Deseos” in La Paz and “Los Deseos de la Virgen” in Santa Cruz where they develop different political and cultural activities, as well as lodging and food service.
Since 2007, Radio Deseo operates on 103.3 FM.

See La Virgen de los Deseos – a space manage by Mujeres Creando.

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