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Paulina Velazquez

Born in 1981 in Mexico.
Lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland

The mix of playful references, bodily experiences and the bio-natural is the breeding ground for my work; through animations, drawings, installations and sculptures I reference the everyday, using humor to highlight the uncanny among the familiar.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2012 – Hollow Humans – Festival Internacional de las Artes, Alianza Francesa, San José, Costa Rica.
2008 – Secuencias Versátiles – Instituto Cultural de México, San José, Costa Rica.

Selected Group exhibitions :
2013 – New Fantasies – Teor/éTica, SanJosé, Costa Rica
2013 – 8 BAVIC, Bienal de Artes Visuales de Itsmo Centroamericano – Panama City
2013 – CanalCorpóreo –  LaRuleta, Ciudad de Guatemala
2012 – MetaBionic – Soundwave ((5)) Biennial, Mediate, The Lab, San Francisco, California
2011 – Bienarte 8 – Galería Nacional, San José, Costa Rica
2011 – Triángulo C-S-C – ExTeresa Arte Actual, México City
2011 – Inquieta Imagen – Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo, San José, Costa Rica
2010 – L@te noise, M+V – Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, California
2010 – Security – Root Division, San Francisco, California
2009 – Without –  UCLA Biennial, New White Gallery, Los Angeles, California
2008 –Landings 8 – Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2008 – Landings 6+7 –  Casa de las Americas, La Habana, Cuba

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