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Pilar Quinteros

Born in 1988 in Santiago, Chile
Lives and works in Santiago, Chile

« My work is born from experimentation through drawing in public spaces. Product of that initial restlessness, I did interventions with cardboard objects that represented both daily use and decorative objects that compose our urban environment. What I was doing back then (2009-2010) was replacing the main object with a monochromatic, volumetric representation. After a series of similar experiments, my observations of this urban context lead me to work on a series of projects related to architecture. It was then that I put some of the thoughts that were troubling me into practice, those related to the attachment people feel towards buildings in the city they inhabit, and the discomfort they go through once they see these being removed from the collective imagery without warning. »

Pilar Quinteros, 2017

Source: artist website

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