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Rafael Reverón-Pojan

Born in 1969 in Venezuela
Lives and works in Madrid, Spain

“The reality of the virtual is the structure”
Difference and repetition, Gilles Deleuze 1994. Page 209

Firstly, I must confess my faith in the supreme force of the “object” in the creation of a “place” where it is imposed as a discontinuity of the space. Nowadays, the characters of “hyper-mass”, “hyper-realistic-image” and the “empty content” of our objects are making them live and die in the mirage of their own image. Our culture is celebrating a kind of supreme object with a particular condition, which I have called: nonexistent-content-of-world, an object that starts to exist outside of the real.

My work is based on this idea to create that kind of object, where this essence of nonexistent-content-of-world exists. Taking the notion of the “structure” as a main subject to express the reality of the object my work has been to draw it developing its image from to its own residual space. I seek the beauty of an object made by peculiar character: the beauty of the empty-structure. Always, configuring the object into a subtle shape made by a process of a structural condition, an ephemeral image or maybe a non-existent-material. A kind of “language of absence” that build an object without content.

I grew up in Caracas, where I studied at the School of Architecture and Urbanism, Central University of Venezuela, obtaining a degree in Architecture. Simultaneously, I studied Arts at the Institute of Advanced Studies of Arts Armando Reverón. After that, I moved to London to continue  my art studies at Chelsea College of Art and Design at the London Institute. Upon finishing this period, I returned to Caracas, where I worked as Professor of Fine Arts and researcher in The Department of Design, Architecture and Visual Arts of the Universidad Simón Bolívar for a period of 4 years.

I started creating my objects and installation since late 80´s, firstly working on the idea of “movement” as main subject to develop, a kind of mechanical installations, videos installations, and chaotic pieces, I always have been looking the movement in to my pieces.

In mid-2007, I moved to Italy where I began the current investigation based in the estructural system and the emptyness. For almost two years, I have been living and working in the city of Madrid.

Solo exhibitions
2012 – Super-block space and other species – Astarté Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2011 – Diario de viaje, Drawing, spaces and other pieces – Kling Store, Ballesta Nº6 street, Madrid, Spain
2009-2010 – Empty objects, spaces and other pieces – Galería Astarté, Madrid, Spain
2006 – Drawing chronicle of USB Library – Permanent drawing show at the Main Library of Universidad SimónBolívar. Caracas, Venezuala
2001 – Libarating Old York Road – Old York Road. London, UK
1998 – Identidades Terminales – Models for the Libaration of Inanimate Objects. Terraquea Gallery. Caracas,Venezuela
1998 – Der Golem, Sketches and Models – Museo Contemporáneo de Caracas. Caracas, Venezuela
1996 – Maquinando Otra – Escuela de Comunicación Visual PROdiseño. Caracas, Venezuela

Group exhibitions
2011 – INSIDE-OUT 6 Colecciones – Astarté Gallery. Madrid, Spain
2011 – PINTA London Art Fair – International Contemporary Art fair. London, UK
2011 – Log-Book – Brighton Open House Festival, Independent House Art fair. Brighton, UK
2010 – Art Lisboa – International Contemporary Art fair. Lisboa, Portugal
2010 – Cuerpo Maquinico – Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Zulia. Maracaibo, Venezuela
2010 – PAPEL(ES) – Working with paper group show at Galería Astarté, Madrid – Spain
2009 – The New truth of Leather – Centro Tecnológico de la Piel, Fundación Movex. Sevilla, Spain
2009 – Cuerpo Maquinico – Museo de Arte Acarigua Araure. Acarigua, Venezuela
2009 – Viajando en Papel – Book-Travel-Sketch Show at Cabinet Gallery and Art Shop. Madrid, Spain
2009 – Growing object installation – Mercado de Diseño de Caracas 12. Fundacion Cultural Chacao. Mercado Municipal de Chacao. Caracas, Venezuela
2008 – Growing structure installation – Mercado de Diseño de Caracas 11. Museo de Bellas Artes de Venezuela. Caracas, Venezuela

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