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Rita Ponce de León

Born in 1982 in Lima, Perú
Lives and works in Ciudad de México

« My first impulse to make my ideas in the field of arts become real, is to draw. Drawing has allowed me to think in a particularly intuitive way; it has carved new paths in my brain, transforming the way in which I experience reality. » 

She studied Visual Arts in her home city at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (1999-2003) and later in Mexico City (“La Esmeralda”, 2003-2008). Focused mostly on drawing and installation, she has exhibited her work in places like Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros (Mexico), 80M2 Gallery (Peru), the 12th Fellbach Small Sculpture Triennial (Germany), Casas Riegner Gallery (Colombia), Museo de Arte Moderno (Mexico), New Museum (USA), and Centro Cultural Border (Mexico). In 2013, her work was published in the book Vitamin D2 (Phaidon Press Limited, London). She lives and Works in Mexico City.

Source : Ignacio Liprandi arte contemporáneo

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