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Sandra Ramos

Born in 1969 in Cuba
Lives and works in Havane, Cuba

In my recent works I try to articulate a visual dialogue that expresses the arbitrariness of thoughts, images, perceptions, contrasts and uncertainties that we find in our daily life in the contemporary world.
To express these ideas in a visual work, I use my personal and social memory documented through video and photographs, taking advantage of the kaleidoscopic deformation of the images and their instantaneous speed, exalting the opposition among materials, images and concepts like that of wealth and poverty, development, underdevelopment, abundance, scarcity, and by playing with perceptions as time-space, near and far, here and there, past and present

My work, settlesamong private and public, personal and collective. The viewer that invades the intimate space of my mind also participates of many of these experiences and memoirs that match to shared environment.

2013- Bridging the Past, Present and Future: Resent Works by Sandra Ramos – Fort Smith Regional Art Museum.  Arkansas
2013- Cuban Forever. The Pizzuti Collection – Columbus. Ohio
2013- Venice Biennial 2013. Cuban Pavilion. National Museum of Archeology Palazzo Reale.Venice.
2013- Anguish & Enthusiasm: What Do You Do With Your Revolution Once You’ve Got It? –The Greater Manchester Arts Centre. Cornerhouse & The Library Theatre Company. Manchester.
2013- New Cuban Shorts – Museum of Moderm Art. NY.
2012- Sandra Ramos. Travel to The American Dream – Accola Griefen Gallery. New York.
2012 -XI Bienal de La Habana.  Puentes: entre lejanías y cercanías llevadas a cabo. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Havana
2012- The Ⅻ Latin American & Caribbean Contemporary Art  Exhibition “Today” Promo-arte Latin American Art Gallery. Tokyo
2012- Revolution not televised – The Bronx Museum of the Arts. New York.
2012- XI Havana Biennial. Las Metáforas del cambio. Factoría Habana. Havana
2012- Restless: Recent Acquisitions from the MAM Collection. Miami Art Museum. Miami
2011- Sandra Ramos’: 90 Miles: Living In The Vortex – Dot Fiftyone Gallery. Miami
2011- Crisis: América Latina: arte y confrontación. 1910-2010 – Museo Del Palacio de Bellas Artes. México DF

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