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Santiago Paulós

Born in 1983 in San José, Uruguay
Lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland

Selected Exhibitions

2015 – Interim, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh
2014 – BAF, Room Art Fair, Madrid
2013 – Parallels, CVAP Gallery, Miami
2012 – Art en Capital Art Fair, Grand Palais, Paris
2012 – +x10, University of Salamanca, Spain
2012 – Gazes, 6280 Gallery, Montevideo (solo)
2011 – FAG, Eugenio de Almeida Foundation, Évora, Portugal
2009 – AIR, Altos de Chavon Gallery, Dominican Republic
2009 – Cultural Space, Queens Museum of Art, New York
2008 – VI Promo, Antonio Gala Foundation, Cordoba, Spain
2007 – Paul Cézanne Prize, Subte, Montevideo
2006 – Portraits, Museum of San Jose, Uruguay (solo)
2004 – Batuz Foundation Prize, Carlos Federico Saez Gallery, Montevideo

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