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Sergio Valenzuela Escobedo

Born in 1983 in Chile
Lives and works in París, France

“In his varied practice of photography,  Sergio Valenzuela Escobedo uses fragments, gestures or places discovered during trips or belonging to his daily life, borrowing  their poetic and symbolic momentum. Using what he finds or remembers from there, he attempts to invent a world rather than to represent the world immediately before him. His work reorganizes both geographic and mental territories, diverting true experiences and/or experiments. Intrigued by the sloughing process of snakes, his series Idéogrammes sauvages (Wild Ideograms) recomposes a cosmic alphabet book of allegorical forms, simply by throwing the sloughs on photographic paper.

Interested in the different types of green encountered in various landscapes, he begins a Collection de verts (Collection of Greens) giving birth to a wallpaper design on which the juxtaposed motifs contaminate each other and almost blurr one another. A series of black-and-white snapshots show pine needles found in the forest, delicately put together in shapes that might seem complex but constitute simple attempts at re-creating Amazonian huts (Essais pour construire la plus belle cabane d’Amazonie) (An Attempt at Building the Most Beautiful Hut in Amazonia).

Although he attempts to downplay some of the clichés on Latin America, most of the artistic images are placed in a deliberately undefined time span, as if to convey a sort of natural authority on them, a timeless authority.”

Frédéric Bonnet
(Translation : Claire Bernstein)



Febrero 2017 “Mapuche, voyage en terre Lafkenche”, Museo del Hombre, Paris, Francia.

Septiembre 2009 “Road Trip”, Galería Trafix, Santiago, Chile.


Abril 2017 “Le mysticisme mécanique de l’appareil photographique”, Museo del Hombre, Paris, Francia.


Agosto 2017 “Inventeurs d’aventures”, La Friche Belle de Mai, Marsella, Francia.
Curador : Gaël Charbau

Avril 2017 “Parcourir dans tout sens”, Galeria Arena, Escuela Nacional Superior de Fotografía, Arles, Francia.
Curador: Juliette Vignon

Febrero 2017 “L’oeil plie”, Galeria Binome, Paris, Francia.
Curadores : Valérie Cazin & Émilie Traverse

Febrero 2015 “Noche de Gigantes”, Micro Maratón de Video, Arte Digital y Poesía Sonora, Taller Bloc, Santiago, Chile.
Curador: Felipe Cussen

Julio 2014 “Trois pas de côté”, Exposición de Magister de la Villa Arson, Galería de la Marine, Villa Arson, Niza, Francia.
Curador: Frédéric Bonnet

Diciembre 2013 “The Magnifique Studio Bazaar”, Bazaar compatible program , Shanghai, China.
Curador: Paul Devautour

Avril 2013 “Les modes sont toujours charmantes”, Nice, Francia.
Curadores: Quentin Derouet, Mathilde Fernandez, Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni.

Noviembre 2012 “NoFound Photo Fair”, Paris, Francia.
Curador: Emeric Glayse

Enero 2011 “ Taller Dittborn ”, Departamento 21, Santiago, Chile.

Curador: Eugenio Dittborn

Julio 2009  “Road Trip I” Salon Tudor, Santiago, Chile.

Diciembre 2006  “Periferica” Trashi Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Rivista di Artista, Explorations, Venezia, Italia, 2016.
Mariano Malacchini, Ojo Latino, Coleccion Luciano Benetton, Skira, Milan, Italia. 2008.
Rod Palmer, Street Art Chile, Eightbooks,Londres, Inglaterra, 2008.
Edwin Campos y Alan Meller, Editorial Cuarto Propio, Santiago Stencil, Santiago, Chile, 2008.
Jorge Gonzalez Lohse, Neopop, Tendencias Visuales en Iberoamerica, Midia Comunicaciones, Santiago, Chile, 2007.
Ullrich Andreas, 1st International Sticker Award, Die Gestalten, Berlín, Alemania, 2006.

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