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Widy Ortíz

Born in 1973 in Ibague, Colombia
Lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia

Currently I work as an artist and independent cultural manager the edge of contemporary art, my artistic work is raised in my Latin American individual status in proportion to the position historical and cultural identity of Latin America with respect to within the hegemonic status (Europe-United States) in relation to today’s global society.

For me the ability to raise that we have in our societies Latin corresponds to a condition of cultural imposition comes from the colonial era and has been developing over time in each country on the continent, from areas culture that have developed from the hybridization (Canclini) socio-cultural between races as european, native and black adding to that the geographical conditions of each country, who have made that Latin America is complex in its root and also understand how a continent mixed and ambiguous.

Formally my work is built from the multidisciplinary (Painting, drawing, photography and installations), focusing my interest conceptual re making and meaning of disparate elements that go from capturing images from different fields such as media design, advertising, art of (more …) and making hegemonic theoretical elements such as: Jean Baudrillard, Hal Foster, Borys Groys (etc …) which I mix with my personal vision in each series and work, projecting a seemingly banal building society american present, bearing crosses, identification and a illusory multicultural entirety.

2012 – URB URBIS – Espacio Van Staseghem, Bogotá, Colombia
2011 – Silent sale II (Subasta silente II) – A gift collection, Gallery Lalocalidad, Bogotá, Colombia
2011 – Al Natural – Uniandinos, Bogotá, Colombia
2010 – Colectiva 12:00 – Gallery 12: 00, Bogotá,Colombia
2009 – 13 Regional salons – Area dowtown, Proyect Red ear, Sogamoso,Boyacá, Colombia
2009 – Emergency exits – theater ECCI, Bogotá.
2009 – Small issues/big issues – Foundation Gilberto Álzate Avendaño, Bogotá, Colombia
2008 – heart question – Galería el museo, Bogotá,Colombia
2008 – Love is in the air – Art Museum of the National University, Bogotá, Colombia

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