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Bienal de video y artes mediales

Founded in 1993 in Santiago, Chile
Organizer: Corporación Chilena del Video

Its mission is to encourage, promote and disseminate research initiatives and medial arts production in Chile.

Next edition: from january 11th to 22nd

The tenth edition of the biennial consists of the following sections:

– Video and new medial art exhibitions
Curated by Paula Perissinotto, the tenth edition of the biennial presents several Latin-american artists: GianFranco Foschino, Eliane Weizmann + Fernando Marinho + Leocádio Neto, Jorge Crowe, Anna Barros+ Alberto Blumenschein, Juan Pablo Langlois + Nicolás Superby (Joaquín Cociña), Boris Cofre, Benjamín Barrera + Martín Piñeyro, Pamela Cuadros, Gustavo Romano, Cristóbal Mendoza / Annica Cuppetelli, Daniel Reyes León, Claudia González, Esteban Agosín, Ernesto Klar, Andrea Wolf, Rainer Krause, Ricardo de Oliveira Nascimiento, Julián Jaramillo, Jorge Esquivelzeta y Harriet Payers Anderss, Andrea Gana

– Prize / Contest Juan Downey to the creation and authoring on video and new medial arts

– National New Medial Art Prize

– Symposium and panel discussions
The conference seeks to identify the historical and aesthetic condition of the new médial art work, through issues related to critical thinking and art video and médial production. It will also will focus in issues related to the relationship between economics, culture and creativity, an emerging discussion in the art fields, which has raised a lot of reflection and dialogue.

Topics of discussion:
Media archeology
Deux ex postmedial New Medial Art on curatorship, state of the art and concepts of post mediality
Creativity, Economy and Culture
Stories of medial art, video and the local scene

– Workshops about video and new medial arts production.

– Audio-visual concerts
The Tenth Biennial of Video and Medial Arts in collaboration with the Goethe Institut presents audio-visual concerts, within the Tocatas a Mil program , the International Theatre Festival Santiago a Mil, presentations of live music and images. One of the most powerful and energetic instances in the interaction between the audience and the filmmakers. The limits of representation have been enlarged in recent years enriching this high perceptual experience, focused on the design of an intense audiovisual experience. The exhibition is curated by the German musician Uwe Schmidt based in Chile.

The Biennial of Video and Medial Arts, has the support of the Council of the Arts and Audiovisual Industry.Audiovisual concerts are sponsored by the Goethe Institut and The Loft. With the collaboration of FILE, PUMALAB, Pernod Ricard, Viña Estampa & Dj School.

– creative industries Fair

– Publications and dissemination activities, during and after the event

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