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13 Biennial Lyon

10.09 – 03.01/2015

Lyon, France

Directed by Ralph Rugoff

The impulse to announce a clean break from the past, to instigate a rupture with tradition, is the modernist gesture par excellence. Is it possible then, that our recurring desire to declare the end of the modern era is, in fact, merely a symptom of the modernity it aspires to bury? In any case, it seems well worth considering an alternative scenario: namely, that the various trajectories of the modern project still actively inflect and shape our perceptions as well as the outstanding issues of our time.

La vie moderne, the 13th edition of the Biennale de Lyon, sets out to explore this possibility. Its title unavoidably evokes echoes of ealier, and perhaps more optimistic, moments in history, but rather than its potential irony.

Latin-americans artists:

La vie moderne :

Miguel Angel Rios (1943 Argentina)

Ce fabuleux monde moderne :

Jesús Rafael Soto (1923 Venezuela)
Roberto Jacoby (1944 Argentina)
Lucia Koch (1966 Brazil)

Rendez-vous 15:

Daniel Otero Torres (1985 Colombia)
Naufus Ramírez Figueroa (1978 Guatemala)
Celia & Yunior (1985 Cuba ; 1984 Cuba)

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