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Diego Bianchi – The work in exhibition

07.09 – 17.10 / 2015

Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris

“For years I have observed the transformation of daily consumer items after being used. I have observed the inter relationship between nature and social behaviors, the rise and decline of urban and biological situations, the catastrophes, accidents and randomness generate unheard versions of order. The traces of usage or the passage of time and the heuristic of objects. I studied graphic design at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and worked for many years in that field. Until when I was around thirty-two, I found myself absorbed in contemporary art almost without realizing it; that was eleven years ago and I have not stopped working since 2002. Each project has turned into an extraordinary adventure, and I have been infused with life and knowledge in a way that would not have been possible outside the art practice. I have had the opportunity with my work to interweave reality to the extreme of being able to review it and take it apart as something completely foreign.” __ Diego Bianchi

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