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Nuevas artes & Nueva pedagogía

Latin American Meeting of Contemporary Art
17th – 20th September  2015.
Villa Ciudad de América. . Cordoba, Argentina.
Space is limited. Information and registration at


New Arts & New Pedagogy is an intensive seminar to think and discuss innovations in the conceptualization, historicizing and dissemination of contemporary art in Latin America.

This seminar aims to understand the relations of production, circulation and registration of contemporary art in Latin America, establishing the conditions of its contingency through a conceptual and historical review.

The meeting will be held for four days of focused research in contemporary Latin American art from the theory and art criticism, through instances of exposure, discussion and debate of concepts, diagrams and case activities.

The contents of the seminar are based on research on local scenes and Public Policy in Latin America since 2010 carries the working group curatoria Forensic – Latin America.

The themes are:

1. History of Latin American Art
2. Production artistic objects and practices of contemporary art
3. contemporary art institutions
4. File and Memory
5. Pedagogy of Contemporary Art
6. Management of Contemporary Art
7. Contemporary Art Market
8. Labor Rights Workers of Art

Aimed at contemporary visual artists, teachers, art historians and researchers; curators, cultural managers and other agents.


The seminar is coordinated by Jorge Sepúlveda T. (independent critic) and Guillermina Bustos (artist and art researcher) with the collaboration of Nicholas Bertona and Guadalupe Ortega Blasco (visual artists).

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