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Claire Luna

Born in Montélimar, France
Lives and works in Paris, France

Art historian and art critic,  Claire  Luna has been doing research in modern and contemporary art from Latin America for ten years.

She has Worked for five years for the Peruvian magazine Artmotiv,  specialized in contemporary Latin American art. She worked for two years for the magazine Artealdía, and has curated and co-curated exhibitions of contemporary art in Ecuador and Latin America.

La bienal de Venecia, in Artmotiv, n°12, Lima, Pérou, oct. 2011.
El salto del caballo o las revoluciones de Orozco, in Artmotiv, n°11, Lima, Pérou, juin 2011.
Boi Luciano, Luna Claire,  Nodi, buchi e spazzi nell’arte e nella scienza. Le profonde analogie tra creazione artistica e immaginazionz scientifica, in Intersezioni, n°3, décembre 2010, pp. 439-464.
Jorge Eduardo Eielson, Arte come nodo / Nodo come dono, in Artmotiv, n°6, Lima, Pérou, mars 2009.
Entrevista a Diego Costa Peuser, in Artmotiv, n°6, Lima, Pérou, mars 2009
Carlos Cruz-Diez, Inform(ed) by color, in Artmotiv, n°5, Lima, Pérou, nov. 2008.
El redescubrimiento de America por los Americanos, in Artmotiv, n°3, Lima, Pérou, mars 2008.
Un gran clasico contemporaneo – Armory Show, in Artmotiv, n°1, Lima, Pérou, avril 2007.
El Dorado – ensayo para la exposición individual de Alexis Duque, Praxis Gallery, New York, février 2009.
Artealdia International, numerosas reseñas, (desde agosto de 2008).

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