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Catherine Tanazacq de Stigliano

Born in 1976 in Paris, France.
Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Catherine Tanazacq de Stigliano is a French curator living in Buenos Aires since 2006. She graduated in art management with a contemporary art specialization from the Paris III Sorbonne-Nouvelle University. After organizing mainstream modern art exhibitions in France (e.g. Chagall, Dali) and participating in various book editions (collector’s books, catalogues of exhibitions and galleries…), she came to Buenos Aires to develop contemporary art projects and artistic exchanges between Argentina and Europe.

She writes contemporary art and photography articles for 90+10 Magazine and La Lettre de la Photographie. She also collaborate with the TANTICA Foundation (Trends and New Tendencies in Contemporary Art) and is the managing director of a private collection of international contemporary art in Buenos Aires.

Photographic Exhibitions at the Alliance Française in Buenos Aires
(+ Giro nacional en Argentina):

2011 – La Caida / La Chute – Denis Darzacq.
2010 – La Mesa de lo Ordinario / La table de l’ordinaire – Stéphanie Lacombe.
2010 – Doble juego / Double Jeu – Dino Bruzzone y  Esteban Pastorino.
2009 – Insolitorama – Charlotte Fuillet.
2008 – Paysages Intérieurs “Cinq artistes argentins” – Plume Gallery, Paris, February-March.

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