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Douglas Negrisolli

Born in 1984 in Sao Paulo, Brazil,
Lives and works in Salo Paulo, Brazil

Historian from the University Fundação Santo André, Master of Education, Arts and History of Culture from “Instituto Presbiteriano Mackenzie”.

Independent curator of Visual Arts, with emphasis on modern production and contemporary. Currently developing research on the “Halls of Contemporary Art of Santo André/São Paulo” one of the most important art exhibitions in the country, occurring since 1968, in Santo André/SP, Brazil.

2012 – Norberto Stori: horizonte maior (the larger horizon) – Luiz Sacilotto House Look, Santo André, sao Paulo
2012 – Isabel Pochini: por caminhos percorridos (by the way) – Cultural Space Spazio Italiano, in Santo André, Sao Paulo
2012 – Angela Camata: entre outros meios (between other means) – Space Gambalaia, in Santo André, Sao Paulo
2011 – Project Curator at Cafe, presenting Cristina Suzuki – Coffee of the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture (MuBE), Sao Paulo
2011 – Uma ponte entre nós (A bridge between us) – Hall of the Arts Institute of UNESP, in São Paulo, Sao Paulo
2011 – Pierino Massenzi: trajetórias em cor (trajectories in color) – Cultural Space Spazio, Italiano, in Santo André, sao Paulo
2011 – As quatro estações ( The Four Seasons) – Space Gambalaia, in Santo André, Sao Paulo

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