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Laeticia Mello

Born in 1983 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Laeticia Mello, is an independent curator and researcher in contemporary Latin American art specialized in art market. Professor of Art History in AAMNBA. Art critic for the monthly publication Arte al Límite (Chile). Has been assisting in the development of exhibition projects and private sales since the year 2008. Among her latest curatorships are: VI Sesión en el Parlamento, MALBA; Final del Juego, Espacio Contemporáneo – Fundación Proa; Una línea continua, MNBA Neuquén, Open Studio #9 BSM Art Building. Participated of the first edition of Curatorial Workshops from Fundación PROA and received in two opportunities the Young Curators Award granted by Fundación Itaú Cultural Argentina.


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