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Roc Laseca

Lives in Tenerife, España

Roc Laseca holds a PhD in Art Theory and Cultural Prospective, and is trained at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, the International Semiotics Institute in Helsinki and Universidad de La Laguna, where he was a faculty researcher from 2006 to 2011. He is specially devoted to the study and implementation of peripheral cultural programs engaged with local logics. Some of his most recent curating projects include exhibitions and site-specific programs by Jannis Kounellis, Jesper Just, Magdalena Fernández, Marcius Galan and Alejandro Otero, or the forthcoming first-ever Miami solo exhibition by Carlos Garaicoa, among others. In 2012, he curated the Bill Viola solo exhibition at MOCA North Miami that was critically acclaimed and awarded the New Times Best Museum Exhibit and received a nomination for the AICA-USA Awards.

Dr. Laseca has lectured and published extensively on peripheral thinking and cultural theory, and has been Visiting Professor at Miami Dade College, University of Lanús, Buenos Aires or Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He is currently an Adviser of the newly created Center for Spanish & Mediterranean Studies at Florida International University and Senior Research Fellow at Milton Becerra Foundation, Paris. Part of his work on contemporary semiotics has been published by the University of Rome Tor Vergata or the Institute of Canarian Studies, among others. Since 2013, he is Director of Los Encuentros Denkbilder, that take place every semester in Tenerife as an experimental workstation for local agents with non-resident interlocutors; and Guest Curator at Saludarte Foundation / Ideobox Artspace where he initiated both Latin Off Latin International Seminar and Uprooting Architecture Exhibition Series, in collaboration with Universidad de Los Andes and the National Media Museum, England.

Source: Arquiscopio; SaludArte Foundation

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