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Founded in Belize
Directed by Joan Duran

THE CONTAINER COLLECTION is the edition of 10 books / object intended to public institutions such as libraries, schools, research centers, universities but which are publicly accessible.

The book is presented in cities, towns, villages and schools and wherever there is interest.

THE CONTAINER COLLECTION has its origins in the Hurricane Zone [HZ] – the aftermath of two decades of a tenacious artistic action that started in 1992 [-8] as the spring board to contribute to a global contemporary cultural development.

1 the Hurricane Zone [HZ] is a philosophical and political concept that reflects the passing of a destructive force through a geographical area, one that consumes, digests and vomits in its path, leaving behind crumbled infrastructures, destroyed natural resources and the displacement of people. quick recovery  is futile, for as soon as one leaves, another passes through.

2 the historical complexities of the HZ, which includes the Yucatán area, Central America and the Caribbean, began with the first vicious hurricane over 500 years ago with the sudden arrival of Spanish colonialism. since  then a series of hurricanes have swept through the region, including British, French and Dutch colonialism and most recently, US imposition and domination. and yet, from the eye of the Zone, Belize connects the Isthmus with the islands of the Caribbean and gradually generates its own energy and counter force through artistic tactics and attitudes.

3 the only way to live and work at the HZ with respect and humanity in the perennial instability is to respond with coherent strength. we acknowledge our history and its contemporary coloniality. commitment is key, cowardice – unacceptable.

4 we continue to expose the complexities of the HZ encouraging reflection on the universal spirit of our region’s ordeals. through connecting and collaborating with the world, we strive for perspective through the spirit of shared investigation and critical thought.

5 these storms will not end in our lifetime – perhaps never. our art is our lifeline.


Mexico City

Thursday October 17th 2013 at 6:30 pm at filmoteca de catalunya, barcelona

September 7th 2013 at 10 am at image factory art foundation, belize city

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