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Arte Actual – Flacso

Founded in 2007 in Quito, Ecuador
Directed by Marcelo Aguirre

As part of the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences, ARTE ACTUAL is an exhibition space dedicated to exchange, dialogue and reflection on the various expressions and practices of the contemporary arts. It links art and society through a program of contemporary art that promotes and contributes to the reflection and dialogue-debate of artistic practices in the country and in Latin America. The space gather the different cultural actors, such as managers Curators, art critics and historians, collectors, gallerists, art students, academics, and the general public, increasingly captive and interested in contemporary proposals of the visual arts.

ARTE ACTUAL understands contemporary art as an area of ​​the social fabric that produces meanings, senses and knowledge from the creative exploration, artistic in a wide and diverse transdiciplinary sense.

It is a space that seeks to build bridges between the local and the global, based on respect for difference and diversity.

ARTE ACTUAL is linked to the Department of Anthropology, History and Humanities of FLACSO, with which it develops joint projects in relation to its research, teaching and extension lines. This department assumes the challenge and the reflection on the art and the production of investigations in this field, as one of its central preoccupations.

Space dedicated to works in progress.

Escuela Abierta
Open School dedicated to workshop, classes, master class, etc.


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