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(BIS) – Oficina de Proyectos

Founded in 2014 in Cali, Colombia
Directed by Juan Sebastián Ramírez

Hidden between doctors and lawyers’ offices, (BIS) is a project created byJuan Sebastián Ramírez in the aim to change the artistic exhibition offer in Colombia. Inaugurated on November 28, 2014, the gallery exposes unpublished projects, preferably not exhibited before, by national and international artists, which are not normally shown in Cali and Colombian museums and venues. This exhibition space is, according to its creator, an intermediate place between an independent exhibition space and a commercial gallery, as some of the works on display are for sale.

(BIS) Project office becomes a space that breaks with the known and done in the city, not only for its space, as already noted, but for the type of exhibitions. Since its beginnings, it has sought to break with the local, provincial and parochial of many of the city’s art shows. (BIS) is an alternative. The works go beyond the traditional themes and propose different issues, far from social phenomena, anecdotes, pamphlets, small stories or gossip of the people, to pose other types of problems and regards, beyond the local concerns.

Fredy Alzate – Otto Berchem – Monika Bravo – Alberto De Michele – Adrián Gaitán – Jaime Gili – Alberto Lezama – Colectivo Maski – Gabriel Mejía Abad – Ana María Millán – Juan Obando – Juan Sebastián Peláez

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